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The Depth Procession, Go Low Go Light

On Saturday, June 7th Cauleen Smith, joined by Rebecca Snedeker (co-author of Unfathomable City with Rebecca Solnit) and Jewel Marie Bush ( journalist and founder of Melanated Writers Collective) embarked on a procession through space and time, across rivers and back, down low and underneath. THE DEPTH PROCESSION: Go Low Go Light New Orleans was a cinematic adventure - a film shoot happening in real time with real people and imagined circumstances. Guests joined them on the DJ CLUB WHATEVER PARTY BUS for a ride across the Mississippi in search of intergalactic musical signals from down deep created by musicians Greg Shatz on Bass, Charlie Joseph on Trombone, and Monica McIntyre on Cello. Conversation, sounds and light refreshments offered the bus. Parasols, sounds and contemplation offered on the river. Go Low and Go Light with The Depth Procession.

Caution: There will be moments of intense bass vibration.

Depth Procession: Go Low Go Light New Orleans and H-E-L-L-O was commissioned by 

Mapping New Orleans: The Broadsides of Unfathomable City

Friend and former resident Benjamin Morris writes about the Unfathomable City Print and Broadsides project on

In honor of the publication of Unfathomable City: A New Orleans Atlas, New Orleans Museum of Art, in partnership with A Studio in the Woods, and with the support of the National Endowment of the Humanities, initiated a series of public programs and broadsides inspired by this unique compilation of maps and essays. Coauthored by Rebecca Solnit and (former resident!) Rebecca Snedeker, Unfathomable City highlights the many contradictions and treasures found in this city. From January through June, NOMA and ASITW issued four broadsides featuring maps from Unfathomable City, and each map launch featured a series of events with collaborating writers, artists, and cartographers. Together we considered the movements of native peoples and coastal erosion, plumbed the depths of low sounds and soils, and pondered the pleasures and brutalities of sugar and the invisible po…