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2016 Flint and Steel Cross-disciplinary Combustion Residents

Flint and Steel are residencies designed to allow artists to join forces with academic partners. Artists and Tulane University faculty members are united to inspire each other in the development of new work, to excite the public, and to fuel social change. Addressing the artists' desire to be more effective and have longer lasting impact with their outreach, these collaborations empower the artistic practice with scholarship, student manpower and academic resources. 

Composer Shay Nichols(California, October 2015) and faculty partner Tom Sherry (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) will create nature-based compositions with local musicians and lead public listening excursions to discover the beauty and power found in the "chorus" of the Southern Louisiana natural environment.

Sign painter Matt Wright (New York, November 2015) with faculty partner Vicki Mayer (Communications) will photograph the city's historically significant signage, collect stories about existing sign f…